Fitness Built Better

SupaTrophy is a community lifestyle ideology, one that strives to build better humans.

Focusing on a distinctive training and nutrition methodology aimed at elevating the modern human from a sedentary being to one who looks good, moves well and lasts longer.

The importance of strong, flexible bodies and healthy immune systems extends beyond gyms and sports fields, impacting everyday life.


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The Name Defined

noun: theoretic

Origin, Latin/Greek: An evolved holistic approach to human nutrition, aesthetics, mobility, strength and athletic endurance.

noun: theoretic

combining form prefix: super- Origin, Latin: Above; over; beyond. Of a higher kind. Having greater influence, capacity, etc. than another of its kind.

noun: theoretic

noun: physiology Origin, Greek: the increase and growth of muscle cells achieved through exercise.


Train for strength, performance, increased mobility and aesthetics. Focusing on functional movements, strength training, athletic endurance and flexibility.

While any exercise is better than no exercise, certain training styles build physiques that might have limited range of motion, while others are highly technical which can lead to a loss of training time and intensity and potentially even increase injury risk.

SupaTrophy Training bridges the gap, concentrating on a combination of traditional strength and modern functional movements to build bodies that look good, move well and last longer.

SupaTrophy movements include bench press, bent over rows, bicep curls, clean & jerks, deadlifts, power cleans, pull-ups, push presses, push-ups, skipping, squats and various other low risk high reward movements which build strength, aesthetics and mobility without the steep technical learning curves.


Eat as close to source as possible; whole foods, little-to-no processed foods and no refined sugars.

SupaTrophy advocates for a diet and nutrition lifestyle which supports your training, eating a balance of naturally found proteins, carbohydrates and fats at levels which promote health and not body fat. Essentially a dietary lifestyle focusing on eating meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

Who is on staff?

We are a community of coaches and fitness enthusiasts with a passion for helping people achieve a level health, wellness, fitness and strength that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and attainable.

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