The SupaTrophy Diet

Portion control made easy.

The reality is not many people have the luxury of time, we live in a fast paced world and figuring out your food intake shouldn’t add to the anxieties already on your plate.

The magic pill

The elusive cure to all ailments does not exist.

The SupaTrophy view on supplements, whether they be for performance, weight-loss or weight gain, is that these items are complimentary to your diet and training. Some supplement companies are known to market pills or shakes to totally transform your body and this is simply not the case.

Food is fuel

Eatine for performance and not pleasure.

SupaTrophy nutrition is based around eating wholesome nutritious foods in quantities that will fuel your performance and aid recovery but not increase body fat percentage.

Basic training equipment

Fitness is a basic human right.

SupaTrophy training is based around an all inclusive mentality, we believe health and fitness are just as much a human right as our personal freedoms, and as such we always structure our training programs with the scalable equipment level options.